MVP BLOG - Have it your way: TV edition

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Today, Hulu sent over a Hulu+ access link and Verizon outlined a pending launch of a set of mobile apps. Hulu+ allows you access to a subset of available shows on an on-demand basis. Verizon’s app, much like the Sling Media app, allows access to the same linear programming available on your TV on a mobile platform as well as an ability to download content on demand. This is important because it is another crack in the linear programming model. The first major crack was the introduction of the DVR. The ability to download just about any program, historical and current, on a connected device breaks the linear (broadcast) programming model entirely. 

When you sit and think about how the modern family operates, the current television paradigm doesn’t fit. Our families’ schedules don’t follow the same consistent daily pattern which created television as it exists today. The standard blocks of television with the set types of programming and commercials have audiences which are broad in their approach.

The ability to ingest my TV shows when and where I want them makes the entire system more optimal in terms of user experience and revenue maximization. The user experience part is obvious, but the revenue part of the equation has been fought, tooth and nail, by the owners and deliverers of content, namely the studios, telcos and cablecos. These guys have billions at stake in switching their model from a people centric, well understood and controlled model to one which relies on technology to optimize revenue.  Studies have shown that people are willing to sit through two or three ads in a standard 30 minute show, especially if the ads are relevant. The relevance part has not been possible with broadcast television, but the on demand television model allows highly targeted ads. This results in higher CPMs and better ROI for the advertiser.

System improvement aside, I just want to watch my show when I want to watch it and not worry about setting my DVR or worrying about show conflicts!